The Power of Negative Emotions

March 14, 2017
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If you’re looking for insights on taking control
of your physical health in today’s newsletter,
I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

Today I’m going to turn the tables on a common
the notion of what it takes to succeed, accomplish
great things, and get what you want.

Still with me?


But before you continue, be warned – this isn’t going
to go over well for a lot of people…and maybe even you.

It’s all about a personal observation I’ve made in my
own life.

Here we go…

It’s considered an unassailable truth that you have to
be positive in order to succeed in life.

The theory behind this is you’ve got to use the power
of positive thinking to generate the energy necessary
to achieve your goals.

Positive energy, of course.

I don’t doubt that this is works for some people.

But it doesn’t work for me.

Dreaming happy rainbows has never motivated me to
take the action necessary to achieve anything noteworthy.

What *has* worked for me is transmuting negative energy
into action.

To wit – not long ago I was a working copywriter making
a nice salary (plus royalties).

Then…I got laid off (fired, actually).

I knew the company that dumped me made a big mistake.
And I also knew I needed to dig up some writing gigs pronto
(you know…to pay for rent and such).

And that I did. But I didn’t do it by imagining myself as being
a successful writer, lying on the beach and getting a Coppertone

So what was my motivation? To show those stupid bastards who
fired me that they made a big mistake.

That was over three years ago.


I’m making more money writing than I’ve ever made, and I now
have to turn down prospective clients because I just don’t have
enough time  to accommodate them all.

Bottom line is it was revenge that motivated me to put my
self-marketing into hyper-drive.

Reflecting back on my life, I’ve used negative emotions many times
to motivate me to take positive action.

If you think about it, I’ll bet you have too.

Take fear. There’s nothing more motivating than the fear of poverty
to kick you into gear, is there?

The threat of going hungry is pretty powerful.

Or how about anger? I’ll bet at one time or another, anger has
inspired you to right a wrong, or do what was necessary to
affect positive change.

Now, I’m not saying you should wallow in negativity and expect
that to magically make things great for you.

The point I’m making is the pain caused by a negative emotion
is incredibly powerful.

So why not use that pain to your advantage?

That’s it for today.

Never negating the truth,

Doug Fogel
Co-creator of the “Gentle Hands” Headache DVD
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