"Doug was one of the most talented and capable copywriters I've worked with. He's a true wordsmith from headline to closing.

I NEVER in my life had reviewed drafts so pristine. His ideas were clear... his copy was spot on... and his presentation always extremely professional. Not to mention, he's tremendously easy to work with. Just a win win with Doug. If you can book him, work with him! "

Kim Dean, Copywriting Coordinator, Wall Street Daily (Agora, Inc.)

I worked with Doug on a number of marketing campaigns and found his work to be thoroughly researched and his copy compelling. More than once his promotions brought in significant revenue.

- Jeff Clark, Editor, BIG GOLD, Casey Research

"Doug is a diligent researcher and solid copywriter. Aside from being a genuinely nice and agreeable guy and very easy to work with - something that is exceedingly rare in a business filled with primadonnas - he's also completely reliable; no missed deadlines, ever."

- Shannara Johnson, Chief Editor, Casey Research

"Doug is the copywriter who will go the extra mile for you. He'll deliver solid copy with new, creative ideas for selling your product. He's thoroughly engrained in the very best practices in copywriting...from big idea development, persona creation, concept testing, and closing the sale."

- Lee Campbell, former marketing manager, Casey Research

With Doug's help, I was able to elevate my company from a fledging new business into a highly profitable venture that now serves various manufacturing companies around the world.

The sales literature and promotion company he has composed and disseminated demonstrates a keen grasp of language and business savvy.

In addition, he's a confident, polished public speaker who is able to make his point convincingly and articulately.

I consider myself lucky that I was able to utilize his services.

Steve Davidian, President and Owener of Zebra Skimmers Corporation

Hey Doug,

The SEO work you did was stellar. Now my site ranks #1 in Google for my main keywords.

I'd recommend you to anyone who needs their web site optimized.

Steve Young, President and Owner of Alexander Valley ISP

Hi Doug,

Thanks for your critique. From now on I'll leave all the writing and editing to you.

John Deck, President, Direct Market Results

I've been working with Doug for a long time on a number of projects. When it comes to writing great copy on time every time, there's simply nobody out there better."

Paul Bacho, Certified Athletic Trainer, President of Healthmeisters Publishing Co., Inc.

Doug is a rare find. Not only is he a creative and prolific copywriter, he's also a knowledgeable and prolific marketer. His suggestions and advice with regard to my own copywriting projects have been invaluable.

Nancy Spierings, Copywriter

Doug taugnt me search engine optimization years ago when we were working on a new site design for his headache site.

Now optimizing web sites for search engines is my number one source of revenue. I owe it all to Doug.

Dave Faroo, Owner of Visual Productions

If you need new web copy...if you need your current copy optimized for search engines...if you need someone to write content for your email campaigns or newsletters...or any other kind of Internet marketing, give me a call or shoot me an email.

I promise I can do for you what' I've done for all my other clients.

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