How I Got Into Internet Marketing

If you’ve been to my alternative health copywriting page, you know that I got into writing for the holistic healing market through my headache web site.

Essentially, I got into Internet marketing because I couldn’t afford to pay someone to optimize my headache site for search engines.

So I studied competing sites. I subscribed to “Search Engine Watch” and other ezines that focused on Internet marketing and SEO.

After I wrote the first version of, I knew it was missing something. It lacked pizzaz. It wasn’t converting the way it should have.

I wanted to hire someone to rewrite it, but again I couldn’t afford it.

So I studied the art of copywriting and marketing.

I bought courses from Marlon Sanders, Cory Rudl, Alex Mandossian, Steve Harrison, Bob Bly, Nick Usborne, Clayton Makepeace and others.

I attended their conferences and bootcamps.

Armed with the insights I got from this education (which cost me over $20,000), I wrote and rewrote my headache site.

Soon it was actually starting to make money.

I Discovered a Multitude of Internet Marketing Tricks

Over the next several years, I discovered other ways to grow traffic and convert visitors. Things like putting together automated e-mail campaigns. Pay-per-click campaigns. Writing articles and submitting them to appropriate ezines. Having a multitude of ordering options on your site.

Friends with local businesses took notice. They started hiring me to write web copy for them. Some hired me to optimize their sites for search engines. Some paid me to write content for their newsletters.

Now, over 12 years later, I focus on writing for the web.

This includes running and maintaining three of my own web sites:


I’ve also helped many other web sites, including,,,, and and

So if you need new web copy…if you need your current copy optimized for search engines…if you need someone to write content for your email campaigns or newsletters…or any other kind of Internet marketing, give me a call or shoot me an email for a free consultation.

Doug Fogel
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