About Doug Fogel
Professional Copywriter

Where to begin...

My background is so eclectic, so unusual that it borders on fiction.

I've backpacked through India and Nepal. Europe too. I've lived in 7 different states. I've held over 100 different jobs.

Most of these occurred before I discovered my true love - writing. That discovery led to a Journalism Degree from Boston University and a writing career that's spanned 25 years.

(I didn't start college until I was 25 - I was too busy traveling before then.)

I worked as a journalist for much of that 25 years - both as a staff writer, staff editor and as a freelancer. During that time I've interviewed people from all walks of life and written over a thousand articles on a dizzying array of topics.

I've also written a screenplay ("You Never Know," a comedy) and a book ("Riding the Brahma Bull," an armchair adventure about my trip to India and Nepal).

Little did I know that everything I'd done up to that point...all that traveling...all that writing...living in all those places...trying out all those jobs...interviewing all those people...would prove to be excellent training for my copywriting career.


By giving me a sense of empathy that you can't learn in any college. By teaching me the power of listening with full attention. By learning the craft of writing - under deadline pressure.

I Stumble Onto Copywriting
And My Life Changes Forever

I got into copywriting in 1999 after launching my first web site, TensionHeadaches.com (for more details about that story, click here).

It didn't take long to realize that I had to get much better at marketing if that site were to be successful. So I committed myself to becoming a better marketer.

I studied some of the best marketers and copywriters in the world.

I read their books.

I bought their courses, dialed into their teleseminars and attended their conferences (and spent over $20,000 in the process).

And I implemented what I learned to make my site better.

Before long it started getting more visitors. More buyers. People started linking to it. It began to climb in the search engine rankings.

Friends who own their own businesses took notice. They began asking for my help with their ads and letters and web sites.

I became known as a dependable copywriter who could deliver powerful sales copy. An SEO expert. And a marketing consultant who can improve conversions fast.

I can do this for you and your business.

Contact me today and find out how.

Doug Fogel
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