Now You Can Work With an Alternate Health Copywriter Who Has Run His Own Alternative Health Business

I love writing for a holistic and alternative health market (that’s why I jumped at the chance to write a promotion for the Institute for Natural Healing, an Agora, Inc. company).

My interest in alternative healing began with my loss of two dear family members to typical Western medical procedures.

One was my mother. The other was my uncle.

My mother’s death certificate says lung cancer killed her. And while it’s true she had lung cancer when she checked into to the hospital, what really killed her was the chemotherapy her doctors prescribed.

It put her in a coma. Then she died.

My uncle died of a heart attack, even though he’d undergone a triple bypass operation that was supposed to prevent heart attacks.

My uncle didn’t even seek a second opinion when his doctor recommended the bypass operation. He had surgery the next day – even though he felt fine.

Two years later he was dead.

Then My Own Health Issues Lead Me Further
Down the Road to Holistic Healing

In my own life, I’ve experienced the terrible inefficiency of Western medicine.

Once I had a horrible skin condition that caused intense itching. My doctor prescribed Prednisone. I went through three prescriptions until he finally said he couldn’t give me any more because it would be bad for my liver.

He had no idea what was causing the itching.

I went to a couple of more doctors, who were also unable to help me.

Desperate, I went to a holistic practitioner. She said my problem was parasites. Sure enough, she was right – I had scabies. So I went back to my original doctor and told him what was wrong.

Then he prescribed a lotion that took care of the problem.

But I had other health problems I hadn’t been aware of – problems that may have killed me.

You see, the holistic healer who diagnosed me as having parasites warned me that my body was extremely toxic. So toxic that I was at risk for a devastating disease.

She urged me to go on a detoxification program and outlined one for me.

So I followed it.

For the next six months, I ate nothing but raw vegetables. I quit drinking alcohol. I made sure I got plenty of sleep. I took a wide variety of herbal cleansing remedies.

And at the end of that six months, I so much energy I couldn’t believe it. I felt great!

My Chronic Tension Headaches Seal the Deal

I started getting tension headaches about four years later. At first they weren’t too bad, but before long they became horrible. Toward the end, the only thing that helped ease the pain was to lie down for a couple of hours.

I was a newspaper reporter at the time and there was no way I could take afternoons off to nap. So I put up with the pain as best I could.

After three years of suffering, I went to a friend in the medical field for treatment. And he cured me by loosening up my tight neck – which turned out to be the cause of my headaches.

So we teamed up to put his treatment on the Internet. And that lead to the birth of

I’m proud to say it’s helped thousands of people get rid of their tension headaches.

Better yet, it makes tens of thousands of dollars a year – passively.

The site has been successful because I’ve taken no shortcuts. I rewrote it countless times. I became absorbed in learning the art of copywriting and made it my mission to be the best copywriter I could be by studying the masters.

If you’d like details, click here.

(And by the way, if you want to see a sample of a direct mail piece for alternative health, you should check out my “Vita-Man” promotion. To see it, click here.)

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